Bac-Man - The Unsung Hero of "Pac-Man"

Pac-Man gets all the glory and attention. But where would he be without Bac-Man to fill his mazes with dots and energizers? I'm happy to report you can now play as Bac-Man and work to help Pac-Man on his quest. Take a look:

You might also know him as Baↄ-Man or Paↄ-Man as seen on arcade marquees.

Playing is as easy as pulling the ROMs from your Pac-Man arcade game (Midway version), applying the patches found here, burning new ROMs and putting them back into your arcade cabinet.

Or you could find the ROM files, patch them and run under an emulator.

Gameplay is the same but slightly more difficult. You have to know where the energizer pills are and it is harder to spot missed dots. It might seem strange that dropping an energizer powers up Bac-Man, but you must understand that the energizer works whether it enters or leaves a body.

You might also think that Bac-Man could drop an energizer any time he was in trouble. Or, for that matter, just dump all the dots in a pile and move on. This is not the way of Bac-Man. Strict discipline and honor keeps him on a righteous path. Besides, there isn't a handy button. Except the start buttons, but I'm much happier with patching a mere 91 bytes.

George Phillips, August 22, 2015. george -at-