Way back when I wrote a game called "blitz" for the TRS-80 Color Computer. It was far fancier than this with more planes, more bullets and dropping bombs. I've recreated some of it with blitz for the Model 3. To be sure this version is more tricky graphics testbed than game.

Sadly the 30 frame per second youtube capture misses out the gray shading of the text and the gray pixels used in the tank. Hie thee hence to a real TRS-80 or the emulator. At least until such time I figure out some kind of frame blending that makes it look OK.

Here's a camcorder capture of an early work on the game.

blitz only works on a TRS-80 Model III, but it could be made to work on a Model I. It'd be a bit different but the gameplay would be intact.


Use the left and right arrows to move your tank. Press space bar to fire a bullet. Hit planes to score a point. Yes, one stinking point per plane. There's no penalty for missing, losing a plane nor is there any danger of getting hit. Captain Kirk would stop you playing this game in a heartbeat.

George Phillips, July 3, 2009. george -at-