Apple ][ BLOAD Simulacrum

Here's something that will surely impress the 5 people in the world who know:

  1. How it looked when early Apple ][ games loaded hires images from a floppy.
  2. You can't normally break the TRS-80 display into 192 lines.
You see, the Apple ][ video memory was famously non-linear. Because of this, data loaded from the floppy disk would fill apparently semi-random lines. And pulling 7.5 KB takes a little while. You could see the data load.

I'm only missing two things: the distinctive Apple ][ disk sound (not happening) and the slight pause when the disk would seek (or something) during the load.

Pay no mind to that "Asteroid Trek" splash screen. Nothing more than something more exciting than the READY prompt.

The demo only works on a TRS-80 Model III. There's no way it can be made to work on a Model I.


When the screen has finished loading up, press space bar to have it clear. And then press space bar to load it up again. Repeat until fully satisfied.

George Phillips, July 3, 2009. george -at-