/CMD, .cas, .hex converter

I just finished trld, a utility program that converts various TRS-80 program file formats. I've written (or downloaded) various ad-hoc converters that go from .hex to /CMD, .hex to .cas and so on. Having a simple tool that does it all makes life easier for me.

There are a few obvious missing features. Most notably it doesn't do 500 baud .cas file output. And it can load BASIC files (tokenized or ASCII) but does not output BASIC files nor will it output a BASIC file in cassette image form (i.e., one you could load with CLOAD). All that stuff is easy to do. Just let me know if you need it otherwise I'll do it when the need arises on my end. Or you can hack the source code if that's your thing.

George Phillips, September 11, 2009, george -at- 48k.ca