Defuse is a simple game for the TRS-80 Model I. You use the arrow keys to move bomb finding crosshairs around the screen. When you get to the right spot the bomb (an asterix) will be revealed. Press the space-bar to reveal the defuse code. Enter the code to defuse the bomb and proceed to the next screen. Screw up the code and boom! game over.

You get points based on how much time is left on the clock when the bomb has been defused. No points if you run out of time but you live to play on. Unless "Time Bombs" have been selected. Then the bomb explodes when time runs out! Hurry!

You can also change the amount of time given and number of hints to challenge yourself. More hints mean more places you need to look. But if you take no hints at all then you face the daunting task of searching the entire screen.

Defuse tracks the highest score, how many bombs you defuse and the shortest time taken to defuse a bomb. If you pay attention you'll notice a few shortcuts you can take when entering codes. And if you take an extreme strategy you can achieve bomb defusing in a fraction of a second.

Defuse will work on any 16K Model I as long as the video display hasn't been hacked. It will not work on a Model 3 or 4. It requires good emulation and won't likely be playable on anything but trs80gp.

Full source code is included.

George Phillips, November 12, 2020. george -at-