A GIF Viewer For TRS-80 Model I, III and 4

GIF/CMD is a GIF file viewer for the TRS-80 Model I, III and 4.

It supports the common DOSes on Model I and III: TRSDOS, NEWDOS, LDOS, MULTIDOS and DOSPLUS and the common ones on Model 4: TRSDOS and LSDOS.

The Tandy, Grafyx and (modern) Grafyx Clone hires cards are supported as are the standard 128 x 48 and 160 x 72 graphics modes.

On the Model III a special 128 x 192 mode is available. Model 4 Tandy graphics cards feature smooth scrolling of wide and tall images.

Except for 128 x 192 mode and original Grafyx cards, images larger than the screen can be panned using the arrow keys. Press BREAK to return to DOS.

A few command line options are availble:

-1 Force the use of "Model I" 128 x 48 graphics.
-3 Ignore any hires board detected and use 128 x 192 graphics.
-4 Ignore any hires board detected and use "Model 4" 160 x 72 graphics.

Full source code is included in the download.

George Phillips, May 28, 2016. george -at-