zmac updated to 5nov2016

The major change in this release of zmac is much improved MRAS compatibility. I don't recommend --mras mode in general as it changes operator precedence and macro expansion considerably.

I've also made my own version of ld80, a linker that will link .rel object files into .cmd executables.

New command line options -P0=n through -P9=n set variables @@0 through @@9 to the number n before assembly begins. Makes for an easy way to control conditional assembly through the command line rather than requiring changes to the source code.

A new output format, .tap has been added for cassette loading into ZX Spectrum machines and emulators.

I snuck in some defl shortcuts such as label++ and label += 4 to save having to write label defl label + 1 and label defl label + 4. And there's an even odder feature where single-quotes are ignored at the end of identifiers. The intent is to provide bookkeeping notion for programmers making heavy use of the alternate registers. See this example for an idea of how the feature can be used. You can get the new version and read the documentation on the zmac page.

George Phillips, December 26, 2016, george -at-